edgy and unique animal jewelry from NYC

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Edgy and unique hand-crafted animal jewelry from NYC

I am a jeweler based in NYC, with a background in printmaking and ceramic. Using my traditional etching and sculpture skills, I scaled down to jewelry and found my calling.

I have always worked well when I have some sort of framework or problem to solve. I am stumped by a blank sheet of paper, but if you give me one tiny thing to include, I am able to focus and expand on it. This is how I came to absolutely love jewelry. There are built-in constraints-- a piece must be able to be worn, it can't be too heavy or too light, the materials and textures must be compatible against the skin and/or clothing, and the form and shapes have to move with or consciously against the human body. For me, it's a perfect way to work. I can create anything I want, but I have the bones (literally) to make it on.

After getting my Illustration BFA from Parsons School of Design (with a focus on traditional printmaking), I realized several years later that I am really a more natural sculptor. I started with ceramic, then learned to think "backwards" and began carving wax. Even though my etchings may start with a drawing, they too end up as a three dimensional object.

In addition to all this, I have always had a great love of biology and wildlife. I frequently read articles about animals and environments around the world, had subscriptions to National Geographic and Scientific American, and devoured NOVA programs. I volunteered with domestic animal rescues, and donated time and money as I was able. Quite predictably, my jewelry became more and more animal-themed.

As my design work improved and refined, and I attained the basic skills of running a business, my mind started wandering to more concrete activities I could do with animals. One day I was on a state government website, and I saw a blurb about upcoming wildlife rehabilitation exams. Intrigued, I clicked on it to learn more. Wildlife rehab is the caring for injured, ill and orphaned wild animals with the goal of releasing each into its natural habitat. I immediately ordered the study guide and got to work. In the beginning of 2014, I finally received my license. My ultimate goal is to become state-certified to work with rabies-carrying species so that I can rehab bats.

I do all of this out of my little apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I have a lovely shared yard with my neighbors, and sometimes I walk my cat Luz out there on her leash. My elderly neighbors find this rather hilarious. :)
Jenny Topolski
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