Handmade one of a kind jewelry and more

My work space.
Work space and supply orginizer.
Beads and boxes.
Beads waiting to be made into something beautiful.

Handmade One of a Kind Jewelry

I started juBEADlation when I wanted a hobby to de-stress. Turns out that I fell in love making jewelry. The ideas and possiblities are endless.

I am inspired by color and love to mix unexpected colors. I also am always on the search of new unique beads that I've never seen before used in jewelry.

juBEADlation comes from jubilation (the feeling I get while making jewelry) and bead (my primary medium).

I love selling on Etsy and find that is really neat that my items are going to places that I've never traveled before.
Kelly Loeffler
owner, designer, maker, curator
I have a full-time job and make jewelry every chance I get. I love making jewelry, it is relaxing. I love to see others wearing something that I made and knowing that they love something as much as I did when I made it.