jungletribecouture's Shop Announcement

The smell of leather, stones that tells stories, everything that is black, motifs and patterns found in nature, asymmetry that is esthetically pleasing, spikey stuff, crocodile, claws, bones, metal with patina, things that shine, clothing that fits, ribs, leather that is ripped and torn, accessories that are versatile, pyramid studs, gun metal, spines, and mistakes that turn out cool are all things that inspire us to create.

When we get inspired, it doesnt matter what we are working on, we get really involved. it gets to the point that we spend sleepless nights to the sound of booooooming drum n bass, or heavy metal, cranking away till our eyes go red and teary eyed and our brains turn to mush and we sweat blood from our callused fingers.

Appreciate that we arent trying to build a brand. or create an image. or become famous. take our word that we arent going to convince you to do anything. but, there is one thing we will encourage you to do: be a leader, not a follower. dont check our sold list to see what other people have bought. go with your instinct, be bold, command your style, and be the first person to ever rock the item that you choose.

Thank you for supporting this venture. by doing so you are enabling us to push down the path of constraint free innovation and creation, and that makes us smile.

To those who are new to us, with a hug and a high five, we extend a warm welcome to the couture spectrum of the jungle tribe. for those already part of the tribe, we thank you for being a part of the evolution....

welcome to the jungle
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