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Unique sterling silver designer handmade jewelry simple modern gemstone copper metal - ethnic tribal bohemian chic jewelry - inspired by nature - Steampunk - Pirates & Mermaids - Victorian Gothic romantic fashion - Medieval - Renaissance - Nature Inspired, Victorian, Steampunk & Fairy Jewelry
I am a mixed media artist, and I love to work with different materials and crafts, depending on the feeling of the day. Sometimes I feel like daylong knitting in front of the fireplace, sometimes I'd rather paint, and sometimes I feel all I want to do is to take a hammer and forge some metal....
POLYMER CLAY: One of the most popular material for making art jewelry today is polymer clay. Polymer clay is not actually a clay at all, but is a plastic.
Since polymer clay is a plastic, once cured, it is hard and durable. Cured polymer clay can last for years without deterioration. Unlike ceramics, it will not break when dropped.
The durability and versatility of polymer clay makes it ideal for jewelry pieces.
I am happy to live and work in a smoke free environment...
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have a question, need resizing, other earwires, another chain, or just want to say hello!
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