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Welcome to Kit Kat Crafts! My shop is full of handmade, hand crafted and often one of a kind items. All my handmade items are made by me in my cozy California studio. Many of my items are made from recycled, salvaged, or reclaimed wood. My first love in my shop is designing painted art. When a customer purchases a painted item from me I feel so proud that my work will live with them or be gifted to someone they love. I have been sewing ever since I was a child, it came naturally to me. Mom taught me on an old pedal sewing machine..
I was born with dyslexia at a time when people just believed you were stupid. Often belittled, I disliked getting in front of the class to read or solving math problems on the board. Taking test was the worst part, a big part of your grade in the class. Not having the time to read and reread the questions. Not enough time to make sure I didn't spell the word wrong by reversing Ps and Ds, hidden could be turned into hippen. But this didn't look wrong to me until I, if I had time to proof read, to reread everything I write. When I was in front of the class I felt nervous, and it felt like my mind would shut down, I didn't know it was my mind misfiring the info I was trying to retrieve. If my teachers had know that all I needed was to be taught to feel comfortable in front of the class, not teased or called stupid by the teachers or other students. I only write about this now in hopes to help others with their children who may be showing signs of dyslexia. Work with your child, show patience and kindness. Most of all tell them they are not stupid. I found that I was very creative in my mind and with my hands, I could create beautiful crafts that others love and spend their hard earned money on. I am very proud of my shop and being self employed. I worked successfully for 25 years in shoe retail management and enjoyed my job, but this is what I love to do everyday!
I am a proud member of an Etsy Team called The Old Farmhouse Gathering. It is a talented professional group of artisans who create everything from primitives to Shabby Chic, with an old fashion flair! Please type -- OFG team -- to see all their wonderful work. We can also be found at You won't be disappointed!

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