katmama's Shop Announcement

katpatchfever is in the process of changing my shop name to "YouEnjoyMystuff". love it! i gotta play around with graphics and images and stuff oh my. then make changes accordingly. woo hoo! so at this time i am still katpatchfever. but the new name is coming out soon. gotta get all my ducks in a row and also herd some cats around first. so please stay tuned.

The reason behind the change...when i first set up this site i was making patchwork stuff. and loved the play on words "katpatchfever" which is a spin off of the name of a song "cat scratch fever". however recent news videos and reports about the person who wrote that song have been deeply disturbing. i wish to separate myself from anything relating to anything about anything to do with anything relating to that person. hence the change. besides, YouEnjoyMystuff is also a clever (if i do say so myself) play on words. enjoy a song by the band Phish. Their music makes me --->happy. it's as simple as that. we want you to be happy too.


Welcome to YouEnjoyMystuff, the shop formerly known as "Kat Patch Fever"! There's lots of whimsical and whacky stuff here...all products of my whirling imagination, fueled by music and fairies and sparkly things. Let's see...there's dresses and hats and purses and scarffs (scarves?) and vests and baby clothes inspired by the drummer from my favorite band. And fairy furniture with teeny weeny tiny lamps that have acorn top lamp shades, and tiny teacups crafted from seed pods, and whirling grapevines everywhere. ::makes self small:: Oh and there's glittering crowns on the royal screw family. And pendulous bellied purrrses in honor of my pendulous bellied kitties. And M.C.Escher-esque pen and ink drawings. And silly costumes. All fun stuff. I hope you enjoy yourself poking around!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.