kbmatter's Shop Announcement

Printmaking is original unique artwork, handmade piece by piece by the artist - not a 'Print' as in reproductions, posters or other commercially produced imagery. Every single work on paper is uniquely yours and not like any other, hand signed by the artist.
I would love for you to come for a studio visit ... my work is best seen in person to get the full sense of scale and depth. Call for a personalized viewing when in New York - until then, enjoy my Etsy gallery and check out my other online venues:

UGallery put together an awesome blog post in 2013 :
For more about my process - read this interview on Printsy

2012/2013 was marked by several exhibitions and auctions, at various venues such as Good Question Gallery in NY, Sugar Art and Fashion Show in NY, the Small Art Exhibition at the Fibre Arts Gallery in Palo Alto, California, shows at the Brooklyn Collective, AquaArtMiami 2012 and Arts78 in Harlem.
During that time I had a few nice blog features and a west elm publication of 'AllThePresident'sMen' in their 2012 FALL CATALOG !

I continue to sell most of my work offline. It has travelled to homes and private collections in the US, Europe, South America and Australia.

Hand pulled on an etching press my printmaking results in one of a kind, unique artwork with no two alike. Modern, contemporary, sometimes abstract images with a narrative twist and a very personal sense of color.

The pictorial elements in my work often derive from all kinds of matter (hence 'kbmatter) - the natural, found and man-made kind. I frequently customize the ready-made. In the process of layering shapes and colors a narrative emerges, straddling the line between printmaking and drawing, painting, collaging and transferring. Some of the pieces are not classic monoprints, they are a combination of techniques, a kind of printmaking+. I have begun referring to make work as Mixed Media Monoprints.
The journey begins with making a mark in print. The pieces slowly reveal themselves in an ongoing dialogue, many evolving into variations of a theme.
Obviously online viewing doesn't fully live up to seeing the work in real time - but using the Zoom tool will allow you to see the detail in each piece more clearly.
You will miss out on some of the subtleties captured on the beautiful printing paper. Most pieces have a gorgeous deckle edge, which adds significantly to the overall velvety feel of the work.

All the pieces are original Artist's proofs, signed and dated. If you want to opt for a digital reproduction same or smaller size for reasons of affordability, please contact me.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.