keesalak's Shop Announcement

(((* v *)))__Welcome to Kee-Sa-Lak Shop__(((* v *)))
You will enjoy with our unique collections.
“My family are the jewelry designer”
My grandfather and mother are the jewelry designer
I and my younger sister are the jewelry designer
… We do it by heart…
“Noi-na” and “Noi-nong” are my name and my younger sister’name. We design about handmade jewelry like my grandfather and mother do it by heart.
We focused on the natural raw to be designed jewelry such as stone, fossil, leather, fiber, copper, gold and silver.
We employ the ancient jewelry design and technique the my grandfather and mother have taught us, and adapting it into our “Kee-Sa-Lak”style.
Discounts are available for bulk orders. Please contact us for more information.
We hope you enjoy with our unique collections.