kennelmaster's Shop Announcement

Kennelmaster furniture-style pens are designed to beautify and ease your smaller-pet owning lifestyle. Finally you can feel good about keeping your pet properly confined! Unable to get in trouble for those occasional, inevitable "accidents" that mess up your home, you'll feel happy that your pet has a large, safe space filled with all the amenities s/he needs and loves for extended periods. It's a lot less expensive and more convenient than pet day care!

My largest "standard" 4' x 4' x 26" kennel is more humane than the typical 2' x 3' wire crate and other larger fence-only pens because your pet(s) can eat, drink, sleep, play, and even potty inside without you having to worry about them escaping and making nasty messes about the house. Add a portable carrier-size "den" (small crate) inside the pen to provide a feeling of security, and you will create the most complete, safe, comfortable world for your beloved furry family member.

These durable hardwood pens are sturdier than wire and plastic of similar large size, and are lightweight and easily transported using the floor which doubles as the carrying case to provide complete convenience. Perfect for small to medium-sized dogs, rabbits, mini-pigs and more!

Expertly handmade in my Minnesota shop with all-American parts, these premium-quality dog pens are customizable to go perfectly with your home decor - another unique benefit that you'll appreciate over the years. Simply contact me if you'd like something different than the current selection of "standard" size and finish options offered - my ability to make a custom pen exactly how you want it is surprisingly affordable! There is no cost to inquire about design, price and/or delivery!

Built-to-order in 0-3 weeks (custom orders included), each pen comes with an included machine-washable waterproof-fabric snap-on floor for the ultimate in cleaning convenience. Available flip-open, rigid top covers that lock down are available as an add on.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.