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Welcome to Millinery Kestralia!

I specialize in making hair accessories: Asian-inspired flower clips, fascinators, etc. You won't find a more unique hair accessory than my lovingly hand-crafted goods: they're truly one of a kind!
You can wear smaller ones for day-to-day styles and more elaborate ones to add flair for special occasions (prom, weddings, and so on).
I hope you at least enjoy browsing through my items! Please let me know if you have any questions. New items are added frequently, so please check back often.

Q: Where do you get your shipping charge amounts from?
A: I ship priority mail flat rate in boxes, so your items will come in 2-3 days (domestically) and won't get smushed!

Q: Why do your pieces vary in price?
A: Some materials (especially peacock feathers, for example) cost a lot more than others. Others I have to put a lot of personal work into, such as things that are hand-dyed or beaded.

Q: Do you do commissioned work?
A: Yes, but please keep in mind that what I can make varies on the supplies I have at any given time. Please contact me personally with details of what sort of piece you are interested in (size, color, type, perhaps a picture of an outfit you'd like to match it with, etc.) Once we have an agreement, I will create the piece, email you a picture, and if it meets your expectations, you can purchase it. (Otherwise I'll put it up on sale for other buyers.)

Q: How do I care for these items?
A: Carefully spot clean with water that room temperature and gentle soap, rinse in room temperature water, then either blow dry on low or air dry. Use your hands with your natural hand oils to reshape the feathers by smoothing them from the center outward. Things may not look exactly the same after cleaning, so it's best just to handle them with care.
I try to get high quality materials with dye that will not run if you gently wash it, but please note that some may still run a bit.

Q: Is that your real hair?!?!
A: No, actually...I've recently taken up buying wigs to model stuff, to be as hygienic as possible. Don't worry, I'm in perfect health, just trying to be also gives me an excuse to buy cool wigs?? ^_^

Q: Aggh I can't afford this piece but I absolutely love it!! Can you cut me a deal?
A: Send me an offer. I can't guarantee anything, because I need to at least break even (I don't make that much) and because shipping is expensive, but we might be able to work something out. I do this because I love it, and if you love something, I'd be happy that a piece goes to a good home.

Q: Who are you!?

{Sunday 8/22/10}

I have more items to post, I've just been crazy busy. Thanks to those of you who have purchased from my shop! There are still 8 of the 10 "first purchaser" specials open, so if you see anything you like and buy it, you'll still get a surprise extra little free gift! :D

{Monday 7/26/10}

Super (not-so-secret) Deal!
The first 10 patrons of my shop will get a free secret gift. I'll tell you that it'll be a smaller accessory that's made along the theme of whichever piece you choose. :) So shop now, and enjoy your surprise! :D

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