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Ketuba, Ketubah, Ketubbah, Katubah, or Ketubot (or plural: ketubot) is a Jewish marriage contract.

For thousands of years, Jews from every community have ceremoniously signed the ketubah as a symbol of their commitment.
Traditional and modern texts combine with original Ketubah art to create a personal, permanent testament of your wedding. Orthodox, Conservative, Egalitarian and Alternative texts for the ketubah are available in Aramaic, Hebrew and English, to match your personal wishes. And because celebrating tradition includes everyone who loves, texts for commitment ceremonies, interfaith couples and anniversaries are also available.
All ketubot are printed
by the Gicle'e process, the finest available for high-quality artistic
Choose your ketubah with care, just like every other detail of your wedding. The many ketubah designs, colors, quotes and symbols available from Shop-Ketubah are all original hand-drawn creations from the Israeli artist Dorit Jordan Dotan.
For more of my Ketubah and Blessing creations please contact me via my Etsy Shop.
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