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Hi! Welcome to k. grant designs

I am a crazy cat lady who started out making toys as gifts for my friends. One thing has led to another and now I make toys for everyone! My goal in life it to make as many kitties happy (and goofy) as possible.

Each toy is handmade and designed by l'il ole me. I use nothing but the best quality materials both inside and out. I use only natural, pesticide-free cat nip that is highly potent - most kitties can smell it right through the packaging.

Speaking of the packaging, I have designed simple and amusing packaging/labels that complement each toy theme. They also make a great container for "recharging" the toys and keeping them at their nippiest!

As always, each toy is made by hand at the time the order is received so that it will be as fresh as possible.

Anytime you are interested in having my toys made nip-free, I am happy to fill that request, just let me know.

Check out what others have said in the feedback section:

Julsie1231 said:
"The Meowtini wasn't even out of the plastic and Pooch, the cat, was begging for a sip! They roll so well, she had a ball with them. Boy did she get slooshed. Now she's sleeping it off."

auntiejill said:
"These ROCK! They are so well made, and I love them. I can't wait to give them to my friend's kitties. Your packaging is just genius and I love everything about them!"

alisongaines said:
"These were intended as gifts, but my cat quickly decided that he was keeping them for I have to buy another set." :)

My toys are also featured on Hauspanther's Gift Guide for recommended cat toys

Thanks for looking at my shop!


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