kimonolove's Shop Announcement

I love Kimonos. I can't resist them. So many different beautiful colors, patterns and materials -reflecting another life and culture. I have lived in Tokyo for 15 years. I love the old Japanese culture which is based on the silence of Zen!

All the Kimono and Kimono belts and goods I sell are handpicked in Japan. All are vintage, high quality and most are silk. I take time to examine the goods and always try to be careful to detail any discolorations or tears etc. - even slight ones.

I am NOT a kimono expert. I love the different patterns and design. It is easy to distinguish pure silk, cotton, wool etc. but it is much harder, even for experts in Japan, to correctly label some of the mix fabrics. If I am not sure of a fabric I will just label it a mix.

In Japan vintage (not new) Kimonos are called antique Kimonos. They are not antique in the western sense of the word. It is hard to come up with an exact age for many of the Kimonos and belts. Even for dealers it is often difficult.