Sheep rescue/farm: wool, Elderberry Syrup, salve, soap

Westmoreland, Tennessee

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We are looking forward to another year of old and new friends in the fiber community!
Thank you for supporting our family, our farm, and our animals.

💖 Moriah and the flock


Last updated on Mar 8, 2022

We have added new social media platforms so you can keep up with everything going on around the farm.

Follow the link tree to all of our social media

We are looking forward to another year of old and new friends in the fiber community!
Thank you for supporting our family, our farm, and our animals.

💖 Moriah and the flock


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Continuing a four hundred year tradition, with loving-kindness

Hi! We are the Williams Women - Linda, and Moriah. We own a small farm on the TN KY border. We come from a long line of lady farmers and ranchers. We are continuing that tradition. Moriah personally works with every fleece before putting up for sale. You'll see her notes about each fleece in the listing and she sends handwritten notes about each fleece, her best processing results, and how the fleece spins best with each purchase. Not all our fleeces make it to selling. But all our of sheep are loved.

Moriah has a passion for ethical fiber and wool, especially spinning and weaving applications. Oh , and then there's knitting, or just sitting and carding wool and playing with the sheep. She loves her sheep, and so do I.

Moriah's very first sheep was a ram she worked for one winter that was slated for slaughter. He's since moved on to another farm with no threat of death. The second was a ewe lamb she saved after a neighbor's ewe rejected her. I'll never forget watching her try to get the ewe to take Lambi. She thought she had them together, but then the ewe pushed Lambi away the little lamb decided she needed a new momma. Lambi followed Moriah the half mile down the mountain to the farm. It was the beginning of a friendship. The two after that were mutts with decent wool, but special needs. Dagney passed in a sudden accident after a year. Her ewe lamb is a great treasure. Now Moriah rescues slaughter sheep. She no longer breed the ewes and any males born on the farm (some animals come to us already bred) are castrated and remain on the farm for their natural lifespan. When asked why she won't send her older ewes off to slaughter, Moriah replies, "My old girls are my friends, my humble beginning, a reminder of how passion shapes who we ultimately become."

We also keep chickens, geese, and ducks. If you watch, hollow, hand blown eggs will be up for sale occasionally. We keep mostly Easter and Olive egger chickens. We also offer naturally dropped chicken, duck, and geese feathers for crafts after the yearly molt. All the birds are allowed to free range the farm. We do collect eggs to keep them from reproducing. The dogs love them!

Moriah also grows herbs and has a small line of herbal teas, salves, and syrups. She gathers most of the herbs from tended wild areas. All of the beeswax comes from her community. These women are passionate about their bees and their bees' welfare. Everything she offers, she uses the formula personally and recommends to her in person clients.

Yes. We are continuing a four hundred year tradtion in a way that is a little uncoventional. But we think the thought, care, passion, and kindness that goes into each product sets it apart. After all, in the four hundred years since our foremothers began working this land one thing has not changed - hearts full of loving-kindness.

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  • Moriah Williams

    Owner, Creator

    Many of my ancestors came to this country in the 1600s and settled into farming and rearing livestock. The rest were already here. There's something about that heritage that tugs your heart towards the land and her creatures. I love nature.

  • Linda Williams

    Assistant, Customer Service

    Hi. My daughter, Moriah, loves her sheep. I've fallen in love with them, too. I assist in the daily operations, customer service, and checking orders.

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Last updated on May 18, 2022
Frequently asked questions
Do we sell sheep?

We do not sell our sheep. We do occasionally rehome a rescue that does not fit into our flock or if our flock is at full capacity. We make every effort to ensure they are end up in a no kill facility. Our ewes are not bred since their "job" is growing wool, keeping the lawns trimmed, and making compost.

Are all your sheep wool sheep?

No. My very first ewe, Lambi, was a hair sheep. She loved to follow us around, and would even get in the creek with us. She died in my arms February 15, 2017 after a long battle with kidney disease. I have her son who is half wool sheep. His name is Brock, and he is very sweet. Her granddaughters Loral, Siggy, Lilac, and Minerva, and her other grandson Orion live on the farm as well. Loral and Brock both have worthless fleeces, but are two of the favorites

Why rescue sheep? Why not slaughter?

Sheep are amazing, intelligent, curious, strong willed animals that live in a complex social and familial society. While we do not believe that an animal's life is equal to human life, we do believe that kindness to other other species, particularly those that are products of human intervention, is a moral imperative. Many sheep are slaughtered annually because they are no longer "breeders". Often these "defects" are the results of poor management on the part of their shepherds. We see no reason to condemn an animal because of prolapse, treatable disease, or age. Every single rescue sheep we have earns its keep in some way, and contributes to our farm's overall success.

Custom and personalized orders

We are not engaging in custom design at this time. However, we can arrange large orders for our regular products.

Care instructions

New customers are sent detailed washing instructions for raw wool. Shawls are also sent with washing instructions. Moriah does try to send hand written notes about processing THAT FLEECE with each wool purchase.

If you have ANY wool processing questions, please ask. Linda can answer many basic questions. If it's more detailed, Moriah will answer.