kinggrimlock's Shop Announcement

Hi and thanks for checking out my custom gear! I am currently a new customizer of clothing and am testing the water on here and in a few other places. My mom was always heavily into fashion and, although we didnt exactly have the same taste, I did have her creativity and ability to make something my own. She always had tons of shoes and high end clothing around so I guess part of that rubbed off on me too. All of the stuff that I like to custom is nice to begin with. I tend to choose well made clothing or nicer hats and shoes because I feel that my custom work will live longer on better quality products that I start with.
I am currently heavily into shoes, hats and starting to get into a few jackets. I love to use stickers and spikes as a medium at the moment as I learn other ways to make my favorite clothes more unique and stylish. I am heavily inspired by futuristic and mod design as well as graffiti and music. I like to be able to cross mutliple genres with an outfit and not feel locked into a certain category.
I want everybody to be able to express themselves and be as unique as they truly are!

I am open to commissions as long as my schedule permits.

Please feel more than free to shoot me an email anytime with any questions.