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I started around nine years ago, little by little I changed color beads by silver, and took many but many years finding the best thread, to have a strong but soft finish in all my jewelry.

One day between all the rounded beads, I discovered a very different one, the silver cubes. It also took me several years till I found the best ones, I finally found the best and most shining cubes ever! I felt in love with them, and till now, I still find them amazing. When I finish a ring or bracelet, together the beads shine like diamonds. In every picture that I'm with one of my rings it shines incredibly.

All that shine of this beads is also because they are made with 950 silver, also called fine silver. For the ones that don't know, silver purity is represented by percentage, but without any comma to make it easier. So pure silver, is represented by 999, because in chemistry
100% doesn't exist, 950 means 95% and 925 means 92.5% (sterling silver).

After all that, I wanted to see how leather would look if I mix it with silver, and I loved it. Every piece is unique and it looks between rustic and chic.

Now I'm just starting to mix silver with semi precious stones and 18k Carat gold plated silver