kloster425's Shop Announcement

Personalized - Sand Blasted and Hand Carved Wooden Signs

WELCOME TO MY ETSY SHOP - Kloster's Artistic Designs (formally Kloster's Wooden Sign Company)... Come in and take a look inside!

My sign making craft started out as a hobby, but due to demand from the neighbors and word of mouth… my hobby has turned into a business and I am grateful for the ETSY website and the team and support. It has made it very easy to move forward as a business.

The signs I create and manufacture are truly unique. They can enhance the decor of your home or business - i.e. bar / pub / tavern, or whatever environment you have in mind. They also make a great house/cabin warming, birthday, holiday, Fathers/Mothers Day, retirement, etc. gifts.

After painting and staining, all signs are coated with a protective sealer and clear varnish finish to preserve the quality from Mother Nature.

Construction of all signs begin upon receipt of payment. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery unless communicated otherwise.

The cost of my signs depend on the size and complexity of the wood. Complexity consists of the amount of detail of the artwork and the use a jigsaw if I cut the wood to customize the shape. Shipping depends on the size and weight. Make sure you check the cost of shipping as you go through the process of selecting a sign to purchase. Signs that are around or over 32" x 32" can be very costly, but I don't usually make signs the require packing material that exceeds that size. The key to the cost of a package is determined the measurement of the surface area, which is not directly related to the dimensions. If you have any questions, please contact me and I can confirm shipping costs with UPS.

You want to use your own design? By all means… just e-mail me at klostersartisticdesigns [!at] and we will work together to finalize the artwork you want and work from there... or... pick a design you like from my ETSY Shop and I will manufacture it for you as well.

The Way my ETSY Shop works:

1. Choose a sign and contact me via ETSY listing your details: i.e. what images you want, the theme (tropical, golf, etc.), colors, wording, etc. The more details the better!

2. Then we can begin discussing and finalizing a draft to work from.

3. At this time I will draft (draw) your sign and attach / send you a file (typically .pdf format) via the communication capabilities of ETSY… BEFORE your sign is made so you have an idea of what the sign will look like.

4. Once you sign off on the design, I will list the draft in my ETSY shop so you can view it, click on it and then purchase it through PayPal.
5. Once the transaction goes through, I start making your sign.

6. It will take approximately 10 – 14 days before your sign ships via UPS Ground. Please keep this in mind when you order a sign. All signs include the appropriate hanging hardware.

In addition to making wooden signs, I design artwork for t-shirts, wall murals, logos and just about anything you can think of. I have listed a t-shirt with a design on it as an example. In addition, I have listed a piece of artwork I did as a wall mural.

The artwork design cost is $25.00 and you can use it to make your own t-shirts, etc.

Shipping is $3.00 for a piece of artwork of this nature and I send it via US Mail.

All signs pictured in my ETSY Shop were created by hand. Each piece of wood is different and slight variances will naturally be present from what is shown in the pictures. In addition, the colors, shapes, and detail of the artwork may vary as well. With my design process, I work with everyone to ensure they are satisfied with the draft I present to them. You, the buyer, gives me the "go ahead" to start creating your sign. Please do not fret over this... I just want to be communicative up front with you in order to deliver you a product that you are excited about and one that meets your expectations.

I get most of my wood through a saw mill. Depending on what they have cut and what is dry, affects what I have in stock. I do my best to keep a stocked inventory, but there are times when certain types of wood are not available. Please let me know what type of wood you want and I will confirm the availability of that type of wood. For example, wood with the bark on it is very popular and to ensure that the bark doesn't fall off, I need the saw mill to cut the wood right after the tree is cut down. The saw mill gets shipments from various suppliers and the saw mill doesn't always get freshly cut down wood to meet my requirements. Most people want wood to build things with and I think I'm the only person who requests wood with the bark on it. The saw mill knows me now, but in the beginning of our business relationship, I would introduce myself, over the phone as: "This is Jeff, the guy who wants the bark on the trees." Anyway, this is just a note to make sure your expectations are met. The wood I work with is: cedar - (very soft and light and will have a darker tint to it than the other woods I work with. I recommend a natural stain to preserve the color and beauty of the cedar), white and red pine (no difference really - natural or tinted stains are good) and popal or poplar (lighter in color and a little finer grain than pine, natural or tinted stain is good).

Thank you for taking the time to visit my ETSY Shop. I take pride in my work and offer excellent customer service in order to satisfy each and every one of you!

Thank You,

Jeff Kloster