klytaemnestra's Shop Announcement

Due to certain entitled buyers believing it is within their right to return items more than a year after purchase because they are no longer wanted, would-be scammers, and a general inability to communicate concerns regarding insured items damaged by the United States Postal Service in transit, I will no longer be maintaining an Etsy shop. I appreciate everyone who has been kind enough to include me in their treasuries and my previous satisfied buyers, but I cannot continue to sell on Etsy when the community itself does little to prevent the abusive rights of buyers.

As someone with a fulltime career outside of costuming, my Etsy shop was a side project used to offer commissions for repeatedly sought after pieces from my costuming portfolio, and to sell off gently worn costumes in an effort to free up closet space. However, I have never been a mass producing seamstress and will not be treated like a China based seller of cheap cosplay costumes. As of May 20th, 2013, I will no longer be accepting commissions or inquiries about previously worn costumes. Thank you.