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All ornaments come with their own storage box. If you need more ornaments than what I have listed, please let me know. There's a good chance I have them.

The towels you see pictured are made and ready to ship. With the exception of Fridays and the day before a holiday, they usually go in the mail the next day.

Toddler thigh highs, baby legs with feet, leg warmers with feet... We call them Jacquelynnies Leggies!

Welcome to Jacquelynnies on Etsy!


Treasure stones are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. I've only ever heard of ONE instance of stones breaking during transit, however, is you receive broken stones I will send out new ones to you -butyou MUST FIRST send me photos of the inner and outer packaging, the broken stones IN THE BAG AND OUT of the bag before I can send out new stones. I'm sorry, but thank you for your understanding.

If you cannot/will not comply with the above, I cannot send out new stones, and you will have to file an insurance claim with the USPS yourself. Again, I'm sorry, and thank you for your understanding.

**Now back to info about leggies**

And to address the question that so many are asking, "Aren't leg warmers/baby legs with feet just really long socks?"

Well, yeah, but would the title "Really long socks" bring you to my page? Nope. :-
You see, people know what they already like in a product. They know that they like leg warmers for their little ones. They also know that they would love it if said leg warmers didn't have to be paired with sock, or even worse -socks that don't match.

Jacquelynnies has taken care of that with our leggies. They have the look of a tight, and still the ease of a leg warmer. Viola! Leg warmers with feet.... er, uh... Really long socks.... Whatever you want to call them, they're still so cute, and sooo convenient !!

Leggies come in a general size of 2/3T, however they'll fit with the look of tights from about a large12 months up to a size 4T. They fit as AWESOME over-the-knee-socks on a 5, 6, or 7.

~Leggies are the perfect accessory under a cute skirt or dress. They make diaper changes or potty breaks a breeze.

~Leggies are great under a pair of long pants for an extra layer of warmth on cold days.

~Leggies are great for baby wearing when your little one's pants ride up, and their ankles and legs are exposed. Leggies keep them warm.

~Leggies are great for potty training when you want to let your little one run around with an uncovered bum, but still want to keep them warm. Put a pair of leggies on them, and viola!

~Leggies are great for girls and BOYS.

***Jacquelynnies leggies are priced low so that everyone can enjoy them! We could charge more, but why?!***

~~~~Purchase five pairs of leggies, and get FREE shipping!~~~~

***If you're looking for a certain style or color, and don't see it listed here, please CONVO me! There are lots more styles available!***

All of our leggies are made with care, however if you find a problem with yours PLEASE let us know as soon as possible so that we can rectify it.



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