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Welcome to K. Nice Artworks!

This selection of photos is an assortment of my work over the past two years, ranging from seascape, to forest, to valley, to interior spaces. When I work with my camera, I feel a certain sense of peace and stillness. My overall goal is to capture that essence with my lens, and perhaps fit in a bit of humor, spark a memory or instill an emotion. My work is about taking moments, plucking them from the constant flow of time and preserving them, allowing them to be shared and revisited.

In my everyday life I am surrounded by energy. The hectic nature of my job, the highs and lows of the academic year as the semesters speed by, the objects and thoughts that clutter my space and my mind, and the constant pulse of the ocean with its immense life force all contribute to the notion of constantly moving on to the next task, the next phase. Through my lens I am capturing a moment of stillness from the day’s momentum, recognizing it for what it is. Each frame isolates these instances, leading to new thoughts and inspiration.

Most of my work is not altered or augmented in any way and the intent is to present each of these moments as pure and simple as the day they were witnessed. My hope is my work communicates an element of my experience, yet leaves enough room for the spectator to have their own.

Recently my work has been on display at:

Davidson County Community College Spring Show
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Wilmington Art Association 30th Annual Juried Exhibition
Dimensions, Winston Salem Art Association National Juried Exhibition

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