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Welcome to knitmodern ... a selection of yarns are being added while we get our knitting patterns for lightweight knits ready.

When we ran a knitting store, we saw what it was that most knitters don't like --- sewing sleeve caps, lots of seaming and finishing, hems that roll or flare. And while there is an ever growing group of knitters who are over the moon about all the complex lace or intricate cable patterns that are available (or for making authentic duplications of sweaters from history) there are so many others who just want a more straightforward project that will make the most of their time and which they'll be happy to grab from their closet to wear time and again once it's done.

Whether the yarn you want to work with is a great find you stumbled upon at the end of the peak knitting season or the finest cashmere you'd spent months searching out before finally having to special order it, it's your time that makes every piece equally valuable.

Since it's bound to earn a permanent place in your closet, we're committed to designs that look good, won't date, are a useful addition to your wardrobe and whose finishing details can be modified later on if you want to change it up a few years from now.