KSC Designs - Handmade Pieces for Organized Living

Hand stitching buttons
Penny, my industrial sewing machine
Stitching on labels
Waiting to be installed in box bags
Vintage buttons

One Stitch at a Time

I started KSC Designs in early 2011 to combine my love of three things: sewing, knitting, and organization. I have been knitting for many years, and when it came to organizing all of my knitting supplies, I couldn't find any pieces that suited my needs AND were fun and pretty to look at. So I designed my own! I soon found that my friends and fellow knitters were also looking for the same kind of thing, so I chose to open my shop.

After about 6 months of working both on my shop and in a local craft store, I decided to take the plunge and work solely on KSC Designs. As the shop has grown I have expanded my line to include more general pieces to help keep you organized, such a box bags and tote bags and various rolls.

The name KSC comes from my long held blog, Knit, Stitch, Click!, which I began writing in 2004. Initially it was a way to document my knitting and sewing projects, but it has led to so much more - friendships, a business, and an endless list of craft pieces I want to do! You can still find me there when I am not tucked behind my sewing machine.
Dani Miller
owner, designer, maker, curator, Do-er of all things
I have always had a need to craft - my father thinks I am channeling both of my grandmothers as I click away with my knitting needles or work at my sewing machine or loom. My hands just feel.....empty without something to work on.

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