head to toe, I've got your family covered!

Bunny slippers I knit for my neighbours daughters.
My cat Persia modelling a Dog Hat. She's not impressed!
A squid hat for my friend's baby daughter.
100% cotton beanie
French Maid fingerless gloves.

I knit to keep my sanity

I started my shop years ago, though little did I know it would bring me here - I'm an accidental Etsian. I had started knitting to kill boredom at work (nights) and then people would ask me to knit them things. I re-found Etsy and started to list my items and here I am.
I knit like a maniac at times, churning out piece after piece after piece and then I take a break because I completely lose my creative self. Yet I then feel like I'm wasting my time by not knitting. I feel like I should be knitting, doing something productive with my time.
The shop name came from a conversation with my friend Geri. In fact, I think she might've coined it. Regardless.

I think I'd like to be a Knitting Ninja. Knit the cities at night, under the cover of darkness, in a knit Ninja costume. I would also need a Knitting Ninja signal, much like the Batman signal. I mean, come on. You just never know when there's a knitting emergency and someone needs a pair of fingerless gloves PRONTO!!!!! There's also the Red Emergency Knitting Phone so that I can be contacted whenever the bat ... I mean, knitting signal doesn't work (during the day).

I love to sit at work, on nights, reading a good book and knitting, though when I go through my dry spells, it feels like I'm cheating someone/something/myself by not knitting. Geri (who is my partner in crime and a knitter as well) reminds me that I'm not a factory.

I'm jealous of other crafts. It takes me several hours to complete a project and I'm jealous when someone can churn out something gorgeous and beautiful in less time than it takes me to finish half a hat. I'm not necessarily creative, I just follow instructions fairly well.

I have issues, though. I knit and knit and knit and then end up with all these knitted wares with no owners. Do you know someone who loves knitted items? Tell them to come on over to my (cyber)shop.

I knit to keep my sanity because I have a cat and two kids (I also have a husband but he doesn't drive me insane...well... not often, at least). And let's face it. Cats dream of taking over the world and kids, without realizing it, conspire to drive you insane. My cat has regular spazz attacks, my son has ADD and my daughter has Autism. I knit to keep my sanity. I'm not quite sure how it's working out thus far...I'll let you know when I find it.

Thanks for stopping by my About page!
Lindsay Martin
owner, maker, Knitter
I have 1 husband, 2 children, 1 cat, copious amounts of knitting needles, copious amounts of tattoos and even more books. I knit, I work, I love, I write, I photograph. I love nature and am most at home in the ocean.

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