Wood... taken to a different level!

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Wood... taken to a different level!

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Stefan Marinov

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Stefan Marinov


My story...

I often get the questions of "How did you start?", "What got you into woodworking?", or "How did you learn to do all that?" and my answer has always been this:

When I moved to Kitchener-Waterloo area at the end of 2004, I rented an apartment which didn't have any closet space in the bedroom or kitchen counter space. The apartment used the old fashioned radiators and this also limited the usable space. I looked around at furniture stores for anything that would fit my needs, but everything I saw was either too big or too expensive. It was then that I decided to build my own IKEA style furniture.

I purchased a few tools from Home Hardware and Walmart (yes, Walmart - they had a bag of 3 tools for $50 back in the day) and I set off to create a wardrobe. Cutting the huge sheets of melamine was fun for the store - I was brought up using centimetres and milimetres, but the store preferred inches and feet even though they had measuring tapes for both scales. With a little patience all was done and I used the living room of the apartment as a workshop. I must say the wardrobe turned out quite well and I still use it to this day.

After the wardrobe, I did my kitchen counter top; and the left over material was used to make a small corner bookcase, end tables, and a shelf. It wasn't too long before I bought real woodworking machinery and did my first custom order for a chest of drawers followed by a bathroom vanity. However, doing big projects from a living room of an apartment building was not quite comfortable - for me or for the neighbours. I needed a dedicated space and spent four months looking for a house with a good-sized garage which I could use as my workshop.

I found that house and spent an entire year renovating the workshop space: insulation, drywall, electrical, heat, ventilation, and flooring. I had the chance to build the shop according to my specifications, and I did. This workshop has been my headquarters ever since.

As far as how I learned how to do things, a quote by Albert Einstein comes to mind:‎
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

I was never formally trained in woodworking. Aside from a few one-day seminars, all that I've come to know has been through trial and "terror"! It is my belief that the knowledge I have gained from experimentation has made me better at what I do. After all, you can't improve or grow if you can't push a few boundaries. I am handy with tools so everything came naturally to me.

​One of my crowning achievements has been being accepted as a vendor with a booth at the St. Jacob's Farmers market. This has given me exposure to a wider market. Despite the losses in the fire in 2013, I rebuilt, and business is bigger and better than ever. To compliment my physical store, I have embarked on a journey to bring you this website. Thank you for visiting!

Shop policies

Last updated on September 4, 2013
Welcome to Koka-Bora Creations and its Etsy home.

Woodworking has been my passion for over 7 years and now I've decided to share my talents with the rest of the world.

All the items that you see in my store are made by myself using domestic or exotic hardwoods, veneer, or any combination of the three. I found that wood has visually striking effects in either a single piece or by combining different coloured woods together.

I also enjoy the challenges of creating custom works - creating something that's personal to you to cherish for a lifetime.

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No extra taxes are charged on the product. What you see as the price of an item is what you will pay.

Cancellations Policies:
Non-Custom made items: Cancellations are only accepted prior to product shipment. All the items that you see are in stock and usually ship within 1 to 2 business days. Please ensure you have a valid e-mail where the shipment confirmation can be sent to you.

Custom made items: The following general rules would be considered.
- Items where no work has been done: cancellation is accepted without any fees.
- Work in progress items: cancellation fee would apply on case by case basis depending on how much effort has been put into making the item.
- Finished products: cancellations are not accepted.
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All items are in stock and are shipped within 1 or 2 business days from receiving the payment for your order. Items are marketed as gifts and will be shipped as gifts through Canada Post. The shipping costs that you see are estimated for Canada and US only. If you live outside those areas, please contact me for a quote.

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Non-Custom made items:
All items are inspected prior to shipping to ensure you receive a quality product. If you are not satisfied with the product, you may return it within 30 days of taking delivery of the package. Items returned must be undamaged and in original condition. Refunds will be issued once the item has been received.

For any items returned, the original purchase price will be refunded. Shipping costs, customs duties and fees will not be refunded.

Custom made items:
Items that are customized to your specific requirements are not eligible for return or refund.

Damaged items:
Items damaged during shipping and handling by the courier are not eligible for return or refund.
Additional policies and FAQs
Wood is one of the most fascinating materials to work with. Even when the wood is cut, it continues to 'live' - it contracts and expands with seasonal changes in humidity. To minimize this effect I ensure all wood is kiln dried; however, that does not eliminate the seasonal movement.

I also purchase my wood from a reputable wood mill ensuring all fair trade practices have been followed.

Nature creates but never duplicates, so two pieces of wood, even from the same tree are never exactly alike. The difference in natural colour and grain may cause each piece of wood to react differently to the finishing material used. A slight difference in colour may be observed between several pieces even in the same article. Mineral deposits, sound knots, and slight surface cracks are the true characteristics of quality solid wood products; to be enjoyed naturally!