koralawear's Shop Announcement

Welcome! My mission is to joyfully and carefully create one-of-a-kind carriers to help promote bonding and love between mamas, daddies, and other caregivers and the special babies and toddlers in their lives!

Unique, compact, reversible and oh so comfortable!

Korala Wear Benefits:

* No buckles, rings, snaps or long straps to tie. This carrier is SIMPLE! Easy on, easy off!
* VERY compact, can easily be folded to fit into a small purse or Daddy's cargo pants pocket! Perfect for outdoor festivals, concerts, etc.!
* Light and soft, better allowing you to FEEL your baby and for your baby to feel you without any hard pads, buckles, etc. in the way. You can even be skin-to-skin for optimal bonding if desired!
* Carrier allows for correct sitting/hip positioning!
* Baby/Toddler can be worn on your front or back!
* It is reversible! You can essentially have 2 carriers for the price of one!
* Will fit easily under a jacket or coat in the cooler months!
* 100% cotton (and some with organic cotton) fabric, which is cool and breathable for the warmer (& HOT) months!
* Almost all carriers are one-of-a-kind! Or, can be custom made with your own fabric selections!

I'm always making new carriers so if you don't see what you like, please let me know!

FYI, I still use my carrier with my 24+ lb.,19 month year old, although she mainly wants to run around most of the time these days =P

Mama testimonials:

"I absolutely love my Korala Waer. I am a carrier freak and have more carriers than one person should own (maya, mei tei, pikkolo, pouches, ring slings, moby's, and a few mom made carriers). Yours is the best by far. It is the perfect combination of all the other carriers. I love that it folds up very small and is easy to put in my purse or even my pocket on occasion. It is very comfy and after wearing Jade all day in it, I have had no back pain. She loves it as well and is very happy and content in it. I have used it on both a back carry and front carry, it is equally easy to use either way. Plus, it is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much, it is perfect!" - Dianne Rainwater, Austin, TX

"I just ordered a Korala carrier from Kristen and LOVE it. It's very soft and folds up to extremely small proportions. In the past, I've tried Baby Bjorn, a Maya ring sling, and a Hotsling. The baby bjorn is not good, it turns out, if you're going to carry your baby around for longer periods, because of the way the babies legs are held, which affects their hip development. And, the two slings were absolutely HATED by my baby Max (almost 8 mos old now)...he hated being crunched up in them (he is very hot-natured, which might be part of it). But, the first time I put Max into the Korala carrier, he took to it immediately! It's super soft and breathable cotton. And, to get the right size and color combination to my liking, Kristen made it custom for me. All I had to do was go pick out my fabric and then it was done within a couple of days!!" - Debbie Cernosek, Lakeway, TX

"I had bought a Pikkolo recently because we needed something that my husband could fit into and for me to go for longer walks. After trying it for a while, I still actually still like the one I bought from you better for comfort and ease of getting in and out of! Just thought you'd like to know how favorably your carrier compares to even something so highly rated as Pikkolo for comfort." - Stephanie, Oakland, CA

"I have one a Korala Wear carrier and I love it. It is soft and comfortable to wear and beautiful. I love that it is compact and fits in my purse. We have a ton of carriers, but this is my favorite! I even think my baby prefers it." - Genevieve Turnball, Austin, TX

"Kristen, you did a very beautiful job. This carrier is the most comfortable and awesome from all the ones I've seen, it's exactly what I always looked for. Thank you very much, fast service, custom made, very affordable and beautiful. Moms get one, you will enjoy it as much as we are!! it is also excellent for a gift." - Berenice Sanchez Susswein, Austin, TX