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St. Petersburg, Florida

KreepyKids is currently not selling on Etsy We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

KreepyKids is currently not selling on Etsy

We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

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Last updated on February 7, 2011
Hiyas! Welcome to our Kollection of Kreepy Kids in Kostume. We've got over 145 at the moment, and the family keeps growing and growing. It originally started with just 4 big-headed, big-eyed, kreepy kids (Tuesday, Wendy, Draco, and Frankie) in pajamas holding "monster" dolls and grew from there. All of our kids are holding their own dolls that are related to them in some way, and technically they're still the original kids, only not in their pajamas and holding dolls appropriate to their costumes.

The kids are a combined effort between me (Pate, it's a nickname and yes, that's an A not an E, it's PATE, not pete...and definitely not gooseliver!) and Marti (yes, she's a she, it's a nickname, which happens to be a lot better than the other nickname we supplied her with once upon a time). The kids actually started out as a pair of eyes that Marti drew (she was into eyes at the time), and after a few months of looking at these eyes, Marti was like what can we do with these eyes... I shrugged. Then another few months later down the road, Marti again looks at the eyes... what can we do with these eyes? This time I was like oooooo, I got it! so Marti painted it. It was a version of Frankie with hair and a head that was too long, so I squashed the head down a bit and took out the hair, and voila! the kids were created.

The kids come in sets of 4 or series of sets of 4. Don't ask me why the magic number in this is 4 (when we all know 3 is the magic number), but my OCD insists on kids being in sets of 4. It drives Marti nuts at times, but she's still managed to "live within the box." Hopefully, you will, too!

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We take paypal, money orders, and personal checks. If you order, please pay within a week. Also, if you're not going to pay through PayPal and are using other means, just let us know in the seller's notes, so that I don't have to hound you... "where's my 2 dollars?!"
Items are shipped out once a week on Mondays. We will ship to Canada and do international orders, even if it doesn't say on the listings. I'm trying to update those by the way.
Additional policies and FAQs
We definitely do custom orders for anyone wanted to "kreep out" someone or something. Starting this, we never knew that eventually we would have kids in sex and the city costumes, or even kreeping out the cast of firefly/serenity. So, we're pretty much open to anything. Although, be warned, the kids are a process and take a bit of time to do. So, if you want a set of kids ASAP, sorry... no can do, brah. However, if you've got the time, so do we!