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5 months

clouddropletOur levitating ormus! :) it’s so magical to make cloud

6 months

Adding rose spray to gift bags for *~YoU~* with raw rose quartz programmed with childhood and teenagehood healing energies two_hearts

9 months

New fabric labels for a grungey Tumblr-loving clothing experiment!

11 months

Check my Instagram @galacticfaery for posts and live stories on my interpretations of the cards! butterflybeefour_leaf_cloverstar2spock-handskin-tone-5

1 year

Biodegradable packaging

1 year

evergreen_treecactusMade some new product labels and hemp crystal wraps deciduous_treepalm_tree

1 year

Just ordered 30 more decks. Stamping eco bags with a handmade Orion Council stamp custom made on Etsy.

1 year

Imagining and feeling all the crystals I can wrap with these beautiful, earthy hemp strings

2 years

Revamping the studio. One of my favorite things to do.