Diamonds, Sapphires, & Moissanites in Recycled Gold

Wearable, Feminine, Organic, & Ethical Jewelry

I grew up with art. I studied art through college. Art would be my future--somehow. But how? Although I enjoyed painting and drawing, and had an eye for sculpture, none of these forms created that rare feeling of "I actually want to do this in my free time. ALL the time." Other forms seemed to be a great way to earn my art degree or spend an afternoon, but I didn't live and breathe any singular medium.

Then I took my first metalsmithing class, and it all clicked. Jewelry consumed me. I wanted to shut myself into that studio at all hours of the night, during sweaty humid summers, and even in the brief breaks between my classes. I experienced that feeling that eludes so many for a lifetime: I was passionate about something.

But who makes a career from jewelry? How many artists can translate their passion into a viable career? I began selling my work during college, and became a goldsmith at a premiere gallery. But the gallery closed its doors in 2008, and I packed up a car and drove across the country to California to teach the jewelry arts at a summer high school. From there, I settled into another metalsmithing position in Los Angeles, with my personal jewelry business still going strong as my "side" business.

And then the next "Aha!" moment came: my "side" business is full-time, so why am I also working full-time for someone else? I can make this whole art thing happen entirely on my own! It was that old assumption that I couldn't make a career as an artist. But I was already doing it. Why hang onto old notions when a new path was staring me in the face for so long? I took the plunge, focused solely on my business, and never looked back.

Each piece is designed and crafted mostly by my own hands. As Kristin Coffin Jewelry has grown, I've taken on a few extra hands to help me. I design and make what I love, and what aligns with my aesthetic and philosophy. Styles remain classic, fun, edgy, and feminine. I love creating a tangible reminder of a couple's love and union. I'm the luckiest lady on earth: translating my passion in a way that resonates with others. I'm so thankful for my clients for their support and inspiration.

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  • Caster Scottsville, NY, United States Geoff casts my original hand-carved wax and fabricated models. All his golds are SCS certified, from recycled sources. He casts my components in recycled golds, which I then solder, size, form, hammer, etch, set, and finish here in Denver.

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