kriswinningham's Shop Announcement

hey there! welcome to your singular source for custom, handmade, unique, fun and funky, heirloom quality, one-of-a-kind rosaries and rosary accessories. you know....that piece of shiny, sparkly awesome that you've been looking for everywhere, but can't seem to find anywhere? just found it. oh snap! :)

i pride myself on making rosaries that are just as individual as the occasions, people, life-events, etc. they commemorate. i do this because i know how maddeningly frustrating it is to find a rosary that doesn't look like it came off some orwellian assembly line and set next to a bunch of others on the shelf that look exactly like it. why wouldn't you want a rosary that makes you want to pray it, instead of just having one to say you have one?

if you see something you like, but don't quite love, just convo me! i’m always available for custom requests; in fact, the vast majority of my pieces are made-to-order. if you have a color, maybe a general theme in mind, or just a random idea, i can make it. my brain works like macgyver when it comes to rosary design, it's weird. but always turns out....

i'm totally convo-friendly, so never hesitate to contact me with any questions, custom requests, or the exact conversion factor of pounds to grams. <- a great party trick, btw.

sidebar -- i make a conscious effort to use as much recycled and american-made products as i can. this includes my packaging and shipping materials; i even recycle my snipped bits of wire and broken glass beads.

thanks for stopping by, san diego. much more of my work can be seen in my gallery:

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