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hand sculpted, kiln fired stoneware clay and handsewn leather bodied valentine viXens, carnivaL couRtesans, storYviLLe sainTs, and everything in between from new orLeans to the waddly spwings°°°...

♫i like to play wiTh fiRe...
all iTems that i create are handmaDe originals...i do not mould frOm ready made objects. the original of each of my dolls, busts, belles & boXes, i hand sculpt from oil clay as plainly, and featureless as possible. a plaster mould is made from this, and a master is poured. frOm this, i cast in my custom-secret-stOneware cone 5/6 clay, any original to be once again, hand sculpted... this time round, with unique features, eye sockets, horns, adornments and anything else i may fancy. tHe sculpting, next to firing, is my veRy mOst treasured bit and iTs indulgence takes longest to complete. once all sculpting is brought to fruition, the drying process begins: in autumn & winter, 5 weeks minimum, spring 3-4 and summer 3 weeks. i can neVer rush this biT, as cracking and exploding disasters will most definitely result at 2200 degrees, and all thE work thus far, for nought.
Once thoroughly dry, the pieces are loaded and bisque fired all night loNg. Once cool, everything is meticulously glaZed in hand crafted mattes and glosses. rutile is my most cherished oxide, with black copper oXide being the most friendly. i NEVER use commercial glazes, abhor stains, and often times add ground bottle glass to see what may... Once a full kiln of doll heads, booTs, arms, hanDs, busts, bOxes, urns, bones, diLdollz…whaTever will fit, has once aGain dried,they aRe ready for their final firing. i utilize this time by crocheting & dyeing wigs, laces, and threads…sewing & stuffing kidskin torsos, and sometiMes sleeping to have good dreams. Once this kil is cooled, any musical modulars, whined up boxes and wirings are altered and assembled. Dollie heads get their glass eYeballs, wigs and sometimes their hearts. swivel heads are elasticized and ball joints are strung. Stoneware boots and arms are sewn onto leather legs, and the assigned anatomy is applied with a belly button and biTs.
all doll frocks, i hand sew from my obsessive collections of antique laces, linens & donated wedding dresses that i lovingly hand dYe. stockings are fashioned frOm both anachranistic and commercial ribbons.
i name and number every doll and piece. each is signed, "Kil StuDios©yearmade", followed by, if room is allotted, "handmaDe fOr me" and the kil studios mascot "killian", who wears in her art nouveau locks, a flower fOr each of the years i have been proprietress of KiL StuDios. "lateeFah" is most always in their someplace as weLL.
thank yOu ever so much fOr your interest, and visit often, as i add a bit from every kil to my etsy shOp, as i can neVer stOp...
all iTems in my etsy shOp & are handmaDe originals...i do not mould frOm pre made objects.
all kidskin, leather, feathers and porcupine quills, are either given to me, or acquired vintage when possible. as i attempt to mimic old world doll making techniques, i am also an avid friend tO the animals...laTeeFaH*

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