ladyknotsalot's Shop Announcement

WELCOME TO LADY KNOTS A LOT! Kingdom of all things knotted. I hope you enjoy your visit! Special requests are welcomed!

June 26, 2015: I was able to replenish my inventory a bit, so I should have Grab Bags available through the end of 2015. I'm hoping to be able to continue to serve my customers as long as possible. I will post updates here.

GRAB BAGS are available as long as you see the listing in my shop. I do not list anything in my shop that is out of inventory.
There are now 2 sizes of paracord, so be sure to choose the correct listing.
1. Paracord 550 is common 4mm cord for paracord bracelets.
2. MICROCORD is approx. 2mm (can vary slightly) and is used more for Shamballa type jewelry (but CAN be used for paracord bracelets, also). This cord is more limited in colors, but I can usually do 20 different colors in the grab bag.

Please browse my shop for other items as they are listed. Thanks to everyone for your business! :) and a special "Thank You" to all my loyal customers!!

P.S. The graphic for my shop (the princess/castle) was created by my grandson!