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landandseaglass is taking a short break.

I will be relocating to Florida and shutting down the shop on April 27th .
I will reopen around October 1st if all goes as planned
I'll see you all then and vice versa

Catscratchboxes can be bought through in the interim but all other items in the shop will be unavailable until I can get set up again.

I apologize for any inconvenience .

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landandseaglass' Shop Announcement

I will be closing down the shop beginning April 25th .
Catscratchboxes will be available for that period at and I will be reopening the shop in a month or so .

I apologize for any inconvenience .

If you're stuck for what to give that cat lover or cat in your life , please do consider one of our catscratchboxes . Cats love them so they work fantastically to limit kitty claw damage on your furniture and elsewhere in the house.
Those who are ruled by cats rave about them.
You can click on the "feedback" section on this page at the left and read what many have to say .
You can also visist our original website at catscratchbox .com to see pictures of the catscratchboxes in use sent in by happy owners .

It is a gift that your cat or your cat-lover friends will always remember you for.

Here's the story on the catscratchboxes;

For all cat lovers and/or those with a cat clawing problem, I offer what I believe is the best cat scratcher on the market.

They are usually done in beautifully finished Cambara wood from environmentally green tree farms, a heavy duty scratching surface made from 60% recycled corrugated which will outlast store bought varieties 12 times over at the minimum. I warranty all the cat scratch boxes for five years in a single cat home (warranty void if used by pet lions or tigers) and they are made to be refilled after that and so will last beautifully for the life of your cat..

I can make a catscratchboxes for you in any available wood including some very exotic woods available at specialty woodworking shops in my area .

I stock a couple of each of nicely finished red (golden) oak and unfinished no-knot clear pine which you can finish, paint, stencil or, decoupage to match your particular decor. The design and solid structure of the oak and unfinished pine remain the same as with the standard Cambara wood and these are also refillable.

This is the only pet product I make and it was five years in refining to please both your cat(s) and you.

This makes an excellent holiday gift for that someone you know with a cat or several cats. It is elegant in appearance so it will not look like a piece of junk in a nicely done room and as you can see by the pictures, cats just love to sleep or lounge on it when placed in a quiet area with low foot traffic.

Please visit our original website for the catscratchbox at:
where you'll find reviews and endorsements for the catscratchbox along with a great deal of information on cat behavior, and why declawing should be outlawed.

If and when you order a catscratchbox, please do read the shipping information that follows this message panel.


All the sun catchers I've been able to make from a small box of salvaged church glass are now available at the shop and make nice colorful gifts for the religious and atheists alike.

The glass predates modern glass making technology in which glass is produced with precise and unvarying thicknesses and this old glass with varying thicknesses from piece to piece creates variety in tone, shading and color intensity.

I am creating these suncatchers from antique stained glass church window fragments and cut pieces. The glass was rescued from the trash heap by a friend who remembered me while he was working at a soon-to-be-condos church and came across a few boxes of a very old church window.
It had been broken up and taken out and stored for years in the basement after having been replaced. .

The church from which the glass came was St. Louis De Gonzague French Catholic church located on Federal Street in Newburyport, Massachusetts

Do please note that although all the reds are from the same window and from the same border for a large window and are the same shade, some pieces are definitely darker and this is entirely due to the varying thicknesses of the glass.

If considering any of the pieces in red, please look at all the other red pieces to get a better idea of the tone of the dark wine red in some of the darker pieces and the much lighter red in some of the thinner pieces backlit by the sun

This variation in shading, this changes in thickness is what gives old church windows the shadings and charm that are very difficult to duplicate today.

The reds in this series do very well and show their richness of color best with a good backlight and of course you get a much more vivid red when sunlit.

I think all these pieces do very well in less than full sun because those artists and artisans who do religious windows have for hundreds and hundreds of years learned the entire art of ecclesiastic glass work backwards and forwards much as a cellist knows his/her instrument. They know now and and knew then how to choose and weave the often very unusual colors of glass so that the images they depicted would inspire and awe regardless of the weather or sun conditions.

Please contact me if you wish to order two or more because the postal rate will be much lower that way but it is difficult to post the actual rates on multiples until they are actually packaged up.


I also feature a series of colorful dragonfly sun catchers .
I can custom make one in colors or glass that you select , the exact size you want and in the style you'd like (see the shop for some ideas) I can ship them to any country. Write for the pricing if interested in shipping outside the U.S.A. Do note that shipping to Australia costs about the same as the dragonflies themselves but shipping multiples in one package cuts that shipping cost per item cost considerably.

Some of the dragonflies are made from the pattern I created using an actual dragonfly photo for the correct shape and proportions and there are very few on the market , if any, with the true-to-life appearance of what I create .
The smaller versions are a bit more fanciful but still provide the unmistakable image of this most ancient and unchanged creature.

The real thing; nature's versions are most wondrous. They catch mosquitoes and other prey on the wing, in midair which is why you see them darting up down and sideways against the sky adjusting to the flight of the prey. Contrary to old stories they do not bite or sting and I often have them land on my arm or shoulder for a rest while I'm out in the garden. I have taught my nieces and nephews to respect and not fear them . I enjoy those moments It's almost like touching Earth's prehistoric past because dragonflies look exactly as they did millions of years ago. Dragonflies that old have been found trapped in prehistoric rock and they do not look any different from the ones I associate with in the garden.

To me they are they are the visual winged essence of summer days and the daytime insect counterpoint to the crickets and cicadas songs of soft summer nights.


All the butterflies I make are patterned after nature's designs but with a different variety of colors and, like the dragonflies, all one-of-a -kind.


Truly unique, one of a kind sea glass art pieces are also featured at the shop in forms not found elsewhere
I would be glad to entertain any ideas you may have for design and /or assembly of the sea glass YOU may have gathered on your summer vacations.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.

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