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a one of a kind wedding gown
Pincushions are fundamental!
working on a dress

Making for the sake of making.

I love making things with my hands, and I enjoy the idea that some one out there will enjoy what I made.

I like the feeling of accomplishment that follows the completion of an entirely new, unique project, the creation of something from scratch, that will live it's own life, will be lived in, will be appreciated.

What I like about making clothes is that it's a fast process, there is an immediate gratification as I witness my creation rapidly grow under my fingers, following a direction that is a blend of my own ideas and what the garment it's self seems to have in mind.

At the moment you will find in my shop almost exclusively one of a kind items, this is because I want to focus my energy on the growth of my design capacities, and on creating pieces that are unique, special, and of artistic value.
I am a one-woman company, curating each fase of my work, and want to stay this way, growing and deepening my artistic capacities and understanding of the human body and it's beauty.

My name is Lucia Squillari, I'm 27 years old. I work and live in a little town in the north of italy, Alba, where I have my studio.

I have been sewing full time since 2007 and have made thousands of garments over these rapidly rushing years! I mostly sell here on Etsy but I also enjoy selling in person at festivals and craft fairs in the area, together with my friend Stefania of
Maria Lucia Squillari
owner, maker, designer, curator
I have been making thing all my life, and I've been selling clothes for a living since 2007 and loving it :) I hope you enjoy my creations!

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