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Welcome to my Etsy Shop! Make yourself at home.

Seriously, make yourself at home. I started painting to do just that, to make myself at home. I wanted to cover the walls of my home with art that I found meaningful and that I’d like to look at everyday. Over the years, I’ve developed a unique style with techniques and subject matter that lend warmth and vitality to any living space. Now, with my own walls filled, and some of my family and friends' walls adorned, I offer my art for you to enjoy (and as an excuse to make more).

The Vision:

My paintings reflect the tension between the traditional and the contemporary, the natural and the synthetic, growth and decay. The foundation of each painting portrays the beauty of deterioration. Throughout my portfolio, you’ll find backgrounds inspired by the textures and colors of such things as peeling plaster or rusting metal. Over this I lay a living botanical, creating contrast, balance, and intrigue.

Painting flowers is a perfect vehicle for experimenting with color, texture, and form. I orchestrate these visual devices to create compelling compositions. Every piece involves experimentation and discovery, and the creation of each is an enlivening experience for me, as the artist. It is my hope that you’ll enjoy a sense of this process and a greater connecton to your personal décor, as you study the rich textures and warm forms of my work in the atmosphere of your own home.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave a comment -- feedback is always welcome.

Laura Gunn

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