Gemstone Jewelry, Bridal Sashes, Ring Pillows

Sweet Swarovski Crystal.
Earrings headed for a wholesale client.
I always have sketchbooks on hand.
In the studio with lace.
Tools of the day.

Gems and lace rule!

I design for the modern woman, but always with a nod to the past.

I have been fascinated with jewelry and brides since the age of eleven. I taped pictures of brides up on my wall, no kidding. I was fascinated by their dresses and their stories. Fast forward years later - and I am still fascinated! I don't hang pictures of random brides up on the wall anymore, but I do have a few vintage wedding dresses in the closet.

My inspiration comes from:
traveling / museums / different cultures / old shops / pop up shops / magazines (I still love the paper version)

Some things I would LOVE to do:
Hike up to Machu Picchu and watch the sun rise on the ancient ruins. / Skydive / Design a wedding dress / Take a sail boat around Cape Horn / Eat pasta in bed at midnight (sigh - carbs)

Things I love besides jewelry:
playing with my century old letterpress / old photos / modern art / really good coffee / handbags (because a girl can never have enough) / red wine
owner, maker, designer

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