laurawinzeler's Shop Announcement

Welcome! I am a self-taught pique assiette ("broken from plate")
mosaic artist who has been creating whimsical and elegant pieces since 1997. How do I craft my Art?

With loving and deliberate Intention.

Every single shard is hand-cut, one-at-a-time, sourced from my 17-year-long collection of vintage pottery plates and magical items. I give deep creative thought to the materials used in each piece I birth and am painfully particular about my materials. If I am blessed to be working on a custom piece (my favorite project), I am intuitively tuned in to the intended recipient during this process.

Every single shard is individually glued, one-at-a-time, onto the base I am working with.

After drying time, the entire piece is grouted, very carefully, by my gloved hands.

After the grout has dried, every single shard will be polished, one-at-a-time, and its edges will be outlined with a tiny wooden stick. I am obsessed with clean edges.

You'll notice I prefer my shards to be close to each other. I feel that offers a more artistic and visually pleasing effect in contrast to large swaths of visible grout. I also have my own sense of design and symmetry; "controlled chaos" it's been called.

In my admittedly biased opinion, anyone can take a hammer to a plate or purchase pre-cut shards from someone else's collection and glue them onto a flower pot and call it "pique assiette." I am just obsessive-compulsive enough to promise you that this is not how I design my "Mystical Moments Mosaics."

Each item is truly a one-of-a-kind creation. Thank you for your appreciation of my Art!

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