Everyday jewelry in sterling silver gold and gems.

I love to see my stones, although I have other in boxes.
Working space.
Inspiration - Outside my studio window.

Bringing Together Stones and Wire.

When I first launched "Lavenders" in May 2009, I was creating jewelry to my other etsy shop - "Maykela", which has statement jewelry, and I wanted to create simple, chic, everyday jewelry, a completely different line and especially, affortable.

The shop name was chosen intuitively, but there were so many lavender shops in Etsy that I had to add the 's' in the end and "Lavenders" was born.

Last year we moved to a small village up in the mountains , surrounded by forests and valleys and all this beauty is a daily inspiration for me.
I'm lucky to have a small space in my home that become my working area. It is a teeny tiny studio, but it is full with natural light , great view from the windows and all my gems, beads, wires and tools are neer me.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find somthing wonderful in my shop.

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Owner, Designer, Maker, Curator, Stylist And Photographer
I'm a self taught artist who loves to create and work in all types of materials and creates jewelry in recent years.