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Visit our website (www.leahashley.net) to quickly and easily design crib bedding and nursery accessories, see our entire product line, and so much more!!

Don't want to have to search thousands of listings to find the items in the fabrics you want? Visit our website (www.leahashley.net) to use our online design tools to design your complete nursery! Simply convo us with the design links and we can send you the listings on Etsy.

TURNAROUND TIME: 2-3 weeks on all orders, even large orders!!

NEED FABRICS BY THE YARD?? Visit our sister Etsy Shop, justfabricsokc. www.etsy.com/shop/justfabricsokc

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Step 1) Visit the shop section "Fabrics | Swatches" for a complete list of fabric options. Or visit our website, www.leahashley.net, to see all our fabrics.

Step 2) Use the "Search in this Shop" feature to narrow it down. Or visit our website, www.leahashley.net, to use our online design tools to design your nursery items.

Step 3) Ask questions if needed!!! We're here to help!!!


Q: I sent you a convo. When can I expect a response?
A: Convos are answered Mondays-Fridays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, CST. Very few convos are returned during non-business hours as this is dedicated family time with our two small girls. We do monitor convos during non-business hours and will typically respond in the early mornings or late evenings as our schedule allows. While waiting on a response, please visit our website, www.leahashley.net, to use our online design tools.

Q: Is the 2-3 week turnaround time for all orders accurate?
A: Yes! Yes! Yes! We pride ourselves on getting each order out ON TIME. The "ship-by" date listed on your order will be kept and won't be rescheduled without your knowledge. We don't ship orders out late or past the "ship by" date and consider it disrespectful to handle your order in such a manner.

Q: You have the fabrics I want but I don't see the combination I want. Am I able to mix and match between fabric collections? Can I use more than two colors or fabrics?
A: Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! It's near impossible to list all the different combinations our fabrics can create. Simply visit our website (www.leahashley.net) to use our online designers to design crib bedding and nursery accessories or convo us for more info.

Q: Do you make everything or do you have seamstresses that sew your orders?
A: Jacey still makes each and every order specifically for each customer and we don't hire out any of our production. We feel that allows us to maintain the high quality we strive for. We have a small production studio in downtown Moore, Oklahoma where your items are produced.

Q: Do you offer International shipping?
A: Yes! We already have shipping to Canada and Australia active on all our listings. If you are in another country, please convo us. We are NOT responsible for any VAT, customs fees, or other duties that may be imposed at delivery. Shipping overages over $1.00 are always refunded at the time of shipping.

Q: Can I buy your fabrics and supplies by the yard?
A: Yes!! We sell our fabrics and supplies by the yard on our sister Etsy shop, justfabricsokc (www.etsy.com/shop/justfabricsokc) or on our website (www.leahashley.net).

Q: Can I get a swatch of a fabric before I order?
A: Yes! There are swatches available for all our fabrics. See the shop section "Fabrics|Swatches" for the swatch pack listings. All swatch packs are sent out within 1-3 business days with free shipping to all USA addresses. International shipping doesn't qualify for free shipping on swatches.

Q: Can I group several items together to get a set price?
A: All our products are listed individually so you can purchase just the items you need and create your own custom set. Crib bedding sets are listed in sets for ease of ordering, but the prices are the same as if you had purchased each item individually. Each listing is set to combine shipping for a capped rate when multiple items are added to the cart and purchased in the same transaction.

Q: I want crib bumpers, can you make those to match?
A: No. We do NOT make crib bumpers at all due to safety recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics which stresses crib bumpers not be used. We will not make an exception to this policy. This is why our teething rail cover sets are so popular. Teething rail covers are a very practical product that mimics the decorative look of bumpers, but are safer alternative when tied on properly.

Q: I don't see a fabric I want, will you special order it in for me or can I send you fabric to use?
A: Unfortunately due to the high volume of orders produced each week, we find that special ordered fabric slows down production of orders and raises prices. We just use the fabrics in our fabric collections for our products. While we would love to have every fabric available, that's just not an option for us at this time.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.