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Awesome Under Water Shoot I Styled and Modeled For
framed me:)
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Trying to live out my dream one sale at a time:)xoxo

I have always had a passion for thrift stores, my grandmother NEVER bought anything new! Well if it was her choice she was very, very thrifty. She had AMAZING costume jewelry, books, records, clothes, hats all were items we purchased at "la tiendita" a little thrift store in el paso. I lovingly followed these footsteps and have started collecting for years! My collection has become so big that I have a studio FULL of EVERYTHING our little hearts desire!! THANKS FOR VISITING!!!!!!xoxo
LOVE THRIFTING!! It is my passion! Along with, feathers, making jewelry, sewing, altering clothes to make it that PERFECT fit! I love everything that has to do with passion. I have that eye for perfection, or at least I try too:)

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