leesidestudio's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Leeside Studio!!

My name is Cas and I live in the upper left corner of WA state with my red headed husband and our wee daughter. I studied art at Chico State University and work as a printmaker from my basement studio. I use linoleum and woodblocks to create hand printed fine art prints and cards.

In block printing, an image is carved away from a rigid material (wood or linoleum), inked with a roller and then pressed onto paper using lots of pressure. None of my prints were made using electronic means: all are handmade using a process that is hundreds of years old.

"Printing" and "prints," before the era of computers and electricity, have been their own art form for centuries. When printing presses were first employed in the mass production of books, the only way a picture could be added to a book was by creating an image on a plate that could have ink applied to it and then smooshed with heavy pressure onto the page. In modern times, each "print" the artist makes is known as a "multiple original." Due to the nature of printmaking, each print will be slightly different and just a little imperfect. This adds to the originality of the piece.

Thanks for stopping by my wee shop and feel free to give me a shout out with any questions!


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