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Welcome to Leo & Doc's Healthy Homemade Treats and Upcycled Toys!

Leo & Doc are our two wonderful Boston Terriers who are the inspiration behind all of our healthy homemade dog treats (and the official taste testers for each original recipe) and our upcyled dog toys (plus official toy testers).

Our goal is to make treats that are full of good stuff, not preservatives and byproducts. We chose to eat healthy, so our pets deserve the same. All treats are made and shipped on the same day so that they arrive to you and your furry family members at their very freshest. We also strive to use the best ingredients for your dogs overall health and well- being. NO PRESERVATIVES ARE EVER USED, due to this our treats do not last as long as the store-boughten-preservative-packed treats.

All of our upcycled toys are one-of-a-kind. Leo & Doc are very rough with their toys, so they were the official toy testers to ensure they they will stand-up to chewing, slobber, shaking and other play. We try to make durable toys that will last. All seems are double stitched (some even get one more). Leo & Doc want to help us reduce our carbon footprint and they want to reduce their carbon pawprint, so that is why all of our upcycled toys are made from other items such as old jeans & socks...items that would typically get thrown away when they are no longer of any use.

***As with all treats and toys please monitor your pets while they are eating & playing with them. Leo & Doc have taste tested all treats and loved them, they have also played with all toys and have never gotten sick or injured in any way. Leo & Doc's Healthy Homemade Treats and Upcycled Toys does not take any responsibility or make any guarantees about safety or suitability for other dogs as all dogs are different, eat differently and play differently...basically, PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE...don't feed your dog an entire bag of treats at one time and if you see a toy tearing, strings hanging or stuffing getting pulled out please protect your dog and take it away. Our products are ment to be healthy & fun and with everyone being responsible pet owners they will be :)

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