lepetitreve's Shop Announcement

Layette. Decor. Plush.
Handmade Treasures. With Love.

Ahneen! Welcome to le petit rêve.

With attention to detail and whimsy; herein you'll discover adorable woodland plush, quilts, mobiles and healing salves. Crafted from organic/non-synthetic and upcycled materials. Each item is almost as unique and beautiful as the babes and mama's they are created for.

I believe that toys/pillows for babies and children should be bright, colorful, high in contrast, safe and environmentally responsible. That dreamcatchers make THE BEST mobiles. I believe that the that First Nations languages, ceremonies, traditions and teachings from our elders should be passed on to our children and shared with other cultures.

Catch their dreams and let them snuggle in close...

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