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*CUSTOM COMMISSIONS: CLOSED. Due to health reasons I will no longer be taking garment commissions, at least until I am better. I am happy to review small requests like jewelry, etc.

Pop Princess pays homage to girls sweeping through modern cities in ruffled dresses with eyes brimming full of light as they repaint the looming towers and concrete with fields of wild flowers. They are neither part of the past or the present, but exist somewhere in between drifting through time, never losing sight of their dreams or who they are.

Pop Princess is inspired by the modern day Rococo and believes that in every girl's heart... is a fairytale waiting to bloom.

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lepopprincess [!at] gmail.com

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FAQ: (See additional FAQs under "Shop Policies")

Are all your designs one of a kind?
***Yep! Most of them are, I rarely make two of the same piece. So once it's sold, it's gone!

Do you do custom commissions/replicate designs that have already sold???
***YES, Pop Princess does commissions and I'm happy to re-create a design just for you to fit your custom measurements, so drop me a line!

Do you ship to other countries or only inside the US?
***YES, I do INTERNATIONAL shipping! ^-^ Please message me!

Do you accept payment plans??
***Yes! I know how difficult it can be as a lolita on a budget. For large pieces only: dresses/skirts/etc, I am happy to work out a payment plan with you.

**Please do not contact this shop regarding sponsorship or reviews, all messages of that nature will be ignored~ Pop Princess is an indie brand company and unfortunately cannot afford to "give away" items! Thanks for understanding!**

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