letsdish's Shop Announcement

Step on in to my house, have a bite to eat, wander around searching for whatever suits your fancy....then bring it out to the garden and LETS DISH!
Head on up in my Attic to browse around and get a gander at the beautiful Vintage Christmas Decorations, or the boxes of dishes, maybe even the old figurines I have stored up there. We have tons of great vintage things, even things the MR. of the house has had forever as well. Just be careful not to let the cob webs get on ya.

Each Bedroom is filled with Vintage Galore where you'll find everything from picture frames, to figurines, to even maybe a quilt here or there. There's a little old mixed in with a little new, things that have been in my family passed down over the well as things that have been in my hubby's family for many years.

Don't forget to look around the kitchen and check out the china cabinet filled with a huge assortment of vintage dishes, each with their own wonderful story to The famous Johnson Brothers or James Kent....and we can't forget Baur or Mr. Russel. I have things from Germany and things from Portugal....and just pick a color, I'm sure I have it.

And when you're all done lookin around, come to my garden so we can sit among all the neat and fancy vintage trinkets and trivets, listen to the birds sing awhile and have a cup of Coffee & maybe a little doughnut. You can show me what you found....and we can Dish awhile about it awhile!