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Welcome to my SHOP!
My another shop :
I am presenting my collection.
Here you will find original handmade work, performed in FREEFORM style with crochet or needle.

I make accessories: shawls, caps, hats, scarves, neck-warmers, pins, necklaces, lariats, brooches, hand-warmers and bags.
Besides, you will find here my sweaters, shrugs and coats.

Each piece was knitted meticulously, with a lot of love and inspiration, and never been worn.

All my creations are unique but please do not hesitate to ask if a sold item can be replicated. Sometimes it is possible to make a similar one.
Custom orders are welcome (please contact me).

Thank you for visiting my shop.

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    • Reviewed by Katie Cochran on October 2, 2015
    • RESERVED - Rainbow Freeform Crochet Knitting Sweater Hoodie - Bohemian Sweater - - Wearable Art - OOAK

      I am writing this on behalf of my sister who purchased a crocheted sweater for $360.00. Although the seller put a tremendous amount of work into crocheting the sweater, within one month, the sweater began falling apart. The sweater consists of scrap yarn that was crocheted into a bunch of pieces, then, single crocheted together. The seller did NOT weave the ends. She tied the ends off without knotting the ends to secure it in place. There are areas where the ends are not even tied off. There is ZERO weaving of ends. She left anywhere between 1.5-3 inches of tails. As a fellow crocheter, I leave the ends long enough to weave 3-5 times. I am put off because I have to go through the entire sweater and fix it from falling a part. I'm looking at bare minimum of 8 hours to repair the sweater with my own yarn.

      Response by Lucy Levintovich (shop owner)

      I regret that I agreed to accept this customer order from this buyer. From the very start it was clear to me that the buyer is problematic; she wrote me 50 (!) messages, which is quite unusual.
      The customer had a possibility to return the item within a week in case of dissatisfaction and get the money back, but she chose not to do so. Within two weeks, the customer changed the review three times (!) from 5 stars to 1 star because the sweater allegedly was falling apart. It cannot fall apart by itself without physical effort and it never happened before.

    • Reviewed by Katie Cochran on September 22, 2015
    • Custom order for Katie

      In order to secure the piece, leave a minimum of a 4-5 in tail. I typically pick 5-10 loops and run the darning needle until it's thick enough to secure the tail. If I am crocheting a blanket, I cut twice the length of the blanket and weave until I am certain, the piece is tightly secured and will not fall apart. If the piece is circular, I would still leave a 6" tail and weave back and forth at a minimum of 3 times. What a crocheter does not do is leave a 2" tail, crocheting over it thinking it is secured. That is WRONG! A crocheter must properly secure the piece or it falls apart. My hope is the seller reads this review and changes the way she secured her tail ends. This is exactly how it needs to be completed. No one wants to buy a product that falls apart. Period.

      Response by Lucy Levintovich (shop owner)

      Without going into too many details of the technology, I would say that the parts of the manufactured products at first are sewn by a needle and thread together and then are bonded together with a crochet and the yarn ends left of sufficient length and quantity. This is easily seen on Figure 5 of the item’s profile. It is possible to destroy this structure only by applying considerable physical effort; it cannot fall apart by itself and it never happened before.
      Thus, the statement: "The seller did NOT weave the ends. She tied the ends off without knotting the ends to secure it in place” and everything else in this review is a slander.
      Beware of such buyers!

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