Handmade felted wool bag and purse

A dream about the wool

Yes, its only a little dream about wool. I am only a woman who was born in 1985, China, i do not have the big hope to travel around the world, what i need in my whole life is only live a happy and a healthy life with my family, the smile on their faces is the most importance for me.

I love the material of wool, its eco friendly, its flexible, at the very begining, i only made wool felt houseshoes for my family, and than my felting interest grows and grows, i tried to make colorful fingerless mittens, totes, felt cover notebooks and so on. About two years ago, i made my decision to quit the job as a Fashion Designer. Now i am only a housewife at home, but i believe felting will bring me more than i expected----- yes, I am still making the wool dream, and will never give up.

Now i receive bag orders that features the pet you love,

This is my first customer work-----
Kun Yue
owner, maker, designer, curator
My name is Kun Yue, from China, was born in 1985. Wool has the feature of plasticity, and its eco friendly, i would like to make many many works with it! How fantastic the wool felting world is. I have to admit that felting brings me much fun .:)