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Welcome to my shop! I'm always working on new designs and will continue to update as they are created. I will be showcasing prints from original paintings and photographs. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Goodrick-Dillon
Hi everyone!

I need to say something regarding my art that I post here on FB and on my Etsy web site.

It has been brought to my attention and I have had several requests, asking permission, to scan in my images, and make patterns for cross stitch. These patterns could then be used for needlepoint as well. "THIS IS NOT ALLOWED" Technology is great and I am a huge fan. Would not be able to do my job with out it. But, when you are making your own copies and sharing or selling these patterns, you are cutting me, my agent, as well as the manufacturers I license to, out of our income. This is why I include a certificate of authenticity, with each print I sell, so you, as the consumer, understand, its original art , that I have created, all rights to sell, produce copies, remain with me.

I'm also posting this because I think there are people out there who don't understand copying, other art work for their own use is ethically just plain wrong. It saddens me they don't understand these images, I create, come from the very heart of me, and take days,weeks and hours to design. Photographs take great amount of time and effort as well, to make them the best they can be, for a print.

I control all derivatives and own, all rights, to these designs. Also, if your are a manufacturer, I ask you contact me, and go through the proper channels that involve licensing my art.

I hope, I've answered , all those requests, and you as my friends and customers continue to appreciate the art I provide for your purchase.

Sincerely and best wishes to all!
Thank you,
Liz Goodrick-Dillon
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