Stained glass silver jewelry, windows, mobiles, & more!

You Got Mail window created for film in Meg Ryan's apartment
Leading St Anthony window in studo
Custom stained glass leaded and hand painted window with silver stain
Custom leaded window with lamberts hand blown glass a collaborative design with Nick Clemente Title: Rogers Girl
Tiffany copper foil window Title: Cattails in Monet"s Garden

Original creations in glass

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Light Curves Glass Studio is a full-blown glass shop located in the NY State Catskill Mountains.

My passion for glass started 22 years ago when I walked into a stained glass retail shop in Clifton NJ. I simply fell in love with glass in an instant . The colors, movement and texture of the glass got me giddy with excitement and I started, making Christmas gifts for friends immediately. I was already comfortable cutting glass as I worked in a frame shop for years.
The venture into jewelry making began shortly after in 1992 as a desire to utilize the cut off pieces of glass from my custom windows. I started with making earrings for friends and myself and it quickly evolved into a full line of jewelry that is constantly growing each season.
Each piece is hand cut by myself with a simple glass cuter than ground by eye to a pleasing desired shape. I use both Art glass and hand blown glass. Silver findings are added and or soldered to the piece and some pieces also incorporate semi precious stones. As noted per item.

In 1996 I was lucky to apprentice under Ecclesiastical master glass painter Alberto Postiano in Siena, Italy learning the fine art of painting on glass, and glass fusing techniques. The addiction to create pieces in glass increased and I added a fused line of jewelry as well as hand painted pieces.

The studio consists of myself and my partner, best friend, husband, and collaborator, Nicholas Clemente who is fine artist and graphic designer owner of Design lab. and our 2 highly evolved cats, Oli and Kali
The studio produces custom jewelry, stained glass windows both (Tiffany and lead came), lighting fixtures, bowls, kaleidoscope and more…...
Techniques include: stained glass leading and Tiffany technique. grisaille painting, enamel, and silver stain, glass fusing, slumping, mosaic, and mold making.

Enjoy! In love and light
Joan Nicole
Joan Nicole
Designer, Owner, Fabricator
I currently reside in my beautiful Catskill mountain home with my loving partner Nick. Each day is another opportunity to create something new in glass.
Photo by: Wynn Ruji

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