lillybhaven's Shop Announcement

FREE SHIPPING with Coupon Code: INDEPENDANCE Through July 5!!

I am still filling orders from Faire...please forgive any delay of communication!!! GRATITUDE

NEW website is under construction!!! It will be FEATURING my One of a Kind Hats and Headdresses and the more Obscure Bullet Bauble pieces! ;)

Serving your Bullet Bauble desires here with Etsy since 2008! When I began "repurposing" our split casings back in 2007, I NEVER could have prepared myself for the overwhelming response I have received! My deepest and sincerest thanks to you all for the support and extremely generous appreciation for my work!! For those of you looking for the MANY items not listed here on Etsy or on my website...come visit me on Facebook and shoot me a message and let me know what I can delight you with!!! Since most of my items, especially the hats and bullet eyed creatures, are one of a kind...sadly, most of them I am never able to get photographed! :( But never fear...sooooo many more are on their way to completion!!!

Giddiness abounds!! I am photographing inventory and will be posting "Ready To Ship" listings!! They will be the exact item shown in the pic and can be in the hands of the post office in no more than 2 business days!! I'm seriously excited about this!! :D Hallelujah!!! ....did you just hear the angel choir open up and sing???!!!... I TOTALLY did!!! heehee

HUGE! EXCITING News!!! I was voted #5 Top Vendor by Renaissance Magazine for 2013!!!!!! Over the moon giddy since I had NO CLUE I was even nominated!!! So much gratitude to all of my Renn Family for your love and support of the eclectic Victorian in Medieval Castelton!!

My momma ALWAYS said I missed my generation!!! The turn of the century will forever hold my fascination! And thus...I welcome you to my parlor!

***CHECKOUT MY WEBSITE!!! I have a different selection available there! I have hundreds of items in my inventory, just not accessible unless you catch me at a venue! (Please forgive!)...In "Baubles" flip through the photo stack! This year I will be discontinuing many of the items that I have carried for the past 7 years.

GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE!!! Shoot me a convo and I will get you a listing!

June was my 7 year Anniversary and the inventory I now possess far outweighs the few meager items I have listed here! If you have met me whilst I was vending. . .you know this without a shadow of a doubt! If you saw something in the booth, just shoot me an email and let me know what you saw that tickled your fancy!!
As you have also seen...My pride and joy pieces...My One of a Kind Hats and Headdresses are not listed anywhere either! You will find pics and info about them on my FaceBook page:

"Love is Patient, Love is Kind. Love is not Envious or Boastful or Arrogant or Rude. It does not Insist on It's Own Way; It is not Irritable or Resentful; It does not rejoice in Wrong Doing, but Rejoices in Truth!"

That is the philosophical and creative rock on which I stand. . .without Love, I am NOTHING! Without Love in my being, I will NEVER create anything of great and lasting measure! These baubles will fade, but LOVE WILL NEVER FAIL!!!!

Now, before I step down off of my soapbox. . .I leave you with one more thing: (not to deter you from purchasing anything by any means! We are human after all and need our finery!)
Just consider this for your soul. . .Clothes Don't Make The Man!

Deeply ENJOY your day!

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