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2 weeks

Working on new kanzashi!! Will reopen soon!

6 months

Now open after 2 months of closure!!!

8 months

May 27 until June 8!!! Entire shop on sale!! No codes necessary!!

9 months

Check out the 5 new pumpkin orange/goldenrod pieces, plus kimono print chirimen barrettes in bar and oval shapes!!

10 months

New listing are up, more coming soon!!

11 months

New listings and newitems on clearance!!!

1 year

We have reopened with 14 new pieces!!

2 years

New pieces on the way!!!

2 years

2 new kiku, 7 double sakura hair sticks, and a ton of brand new hand made chiyrogami bookmarks all coming soon!

2 years

Every petal of a kanzashi is individually folded and glued in place to form intricate patterns and designs. Each piece is an individual work of art!

2 years

First ever English language kanzashi guide! Visit www.tzartisan.com for info!